field notes from the camino de santiago
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Kind Words

we are all just walking each other home.
— ram dass


“Kim is a contemporary camino character. Over years she’s slowly walked the holy trail and shifted its power right down to her soul. She’s an artist, a rescuer, a friend to villagers and visionaries. Kim possesses the same unhurried, deep peace that makes the Camino unique in all the world.”

— REBEKAH SCOTT, the peaceable kingdom, moratinos, spain

"Kim is real, a pearl. She has taken the substance of sand and salt within herself to become the pearl, shimmering and peace filled that she is. I would trust her without end as she works her magic, the wisdom, to create, to love and to be…authentically, powerfully and with kindness and beauty. To say the Camino is her home is only partly true…she is at home within herself and with all she shares with others."

— KATHY GOWER, pilgriM

"We have known Kim for years and have always been impressed with her graceful way of moving through the world, her willingness to dive deep and see even deeper. She is a gifted visionary and photographer, an experienced pilgrim on the Ways of Life—including the Camino—and a really fun person to spend time with."

— gary white and elyn aviva,


"Kim is what's widely known as a 'Camino angel', someone who is soul-connected to the sacred trail and shares its gracenotes with all who want to listen to its ancient music and wisdom. On my second journey to Santiago, she was my spirit guide, caring friend and a fiercely gentle, empathic presence that helped my heart - and my sore feet. I felt known and loved and drawn, by a filament of light, to 'go deep, go long, and go home'. I will forever cherish that journey with Kim and the wonderful talks, peaceful silences, the sweat of many steps on a magical mountain and the joy of laughter at the quirky magpies and my black socks in white sandals. I take her with me now on my life Camino and want to walk again with her in Spain.